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Therapy in the time of COVID 19

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

During the period of the lock-down it is not possible to offer in person sessions. Instead sessions are being offered on-line (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype) or on the phone. After the lock-down has been lifted we will discuss moving from on-line to in-person sessions.

When thinking about sessions on-line you need to consider the following practical things:

- Do I have stable wi-fi; sole use or that it can be arranged to be sole use? The later

helps with having a stable internet connection when having a session.

- Do I have somewhere private, where I will not be interrupted, to sit & have the session?

- Will I be able to block out the same time for the session on a regular basis or will I need

flexibility ?

- Do I have the funds to pay for sessions or do I need to ask for a reduced fee: this would

apply for at least the period of the lockdown?

- Also give some thought to why you would like therapy at this time. Do you want it for

support, to deal with something related to COVID 19, the lockdown? So this may mean

it could be a short period of therapy. Or is there something broader that you want to

understand and work through?

You are very welcome to contact me by email or phone (07901 461009) if you have any questions.

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