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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I’m not sure I need therapy?

Come & have an initial appointment or give me a call. We can then have a conversation as to whether therapy is what you need right now.

Will I have to come for years?

You have a choice as to how long you have therapy for. In the initial session we will talk about what brings you to therapy & want you might want to to get out of ot. So this will give me an indication as to whether it will be a short piece of work or something longer. What I generally recommend is that we have an initial 6 sessions. In the 6th session we check in as to how it is going for you and take it from there.

Who will you tell about what I say?

Therapy is confidential. Although, there are exceptions which I will explain in the first


Will I have to speak about things I don’t want to?

They are your sessions and so you decide what you want to talk about. The therapy is

at your pace.

What is Integrative therapy?

It brings together different approaches, theory & techniques from the various models of

therapy. This allows me to be flexible and to met you where you are. It also includes working with the body and creative materials: but only if that suits you.

What happens in the Initial Session?

It is sightly longer (60 - 75 minutes) then a session, which is 50 minutes. This is because it is an opportunity for me to find out more about you and what brings your to therapy. For us to have a discussion about whether therapy is right for you. As well as whether I'm the right therapist for you. We also cover practical things such as confidentiality, day&time of future sessions and fee.

Do I have to come Weekly?

The usual answer to this is yes. Weekly sessions keep the momentum of our work together going. However, in a few cases, such as where attendance is difficult due to working patterns, then fortnightly sessions may be agreed to.

I have Insurance that will pay - is that ok?

Yes. I ask that you pay me then I supply you with a receipt so you can claim directly from your insurance company.

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